Welcome to Care Animal Clinic

“Wellness focused – Client orientated – Striving for continual improvements to help pets”

Purpose Statement

Our practice objective is to promote and recognize the highest standards in the art and application of general clinical veterinarian medicine and deliver superior modern comprehensive care.

Our team partners in the quality of life and health of the pet, family, and community by providing a superb experience through respectful and compassionate relationships.

CAC Core Values

  • Compassion: A strong understanding of one’s situation in which we provide empathy, and kindness in helping to find a solution.
  • Education: A deliberate effort by our team to incorporate knowledge, skill and techniques that we consider important in what we do every day.
  • Technology: Investing in new technology and testing methods for fast and more accurate results.
  • Communication: We will serve to present information to the client in a way that is concise, easy to understand, in written, oral, or visual forms as needed.
  • Commitment: A sincere pledge to use common sense to provide the best quality care possible for you, and your pet.
  • Wellness Focused – Client orientated – Striving for continual improvements to help pets

Our Doctors

Dr. James Carrier (Passed away February 25, 2017, age 72) care ac slider2

Dr. Carrier was born in 1944 in Kansas and then traveled all over the world as the son of an Air Force sergeant. He graduated college and veterinary school at the University of Missouri in the class of 1968. Care Animal Clinic was established in 1974 in Lakeland and has been at its present location since 1985. James Carrier has been practicing veterinary medicine in Lakeland for over 41 years.

Dr. Chris Carrierdr-chris

Dr. Chris is a Lakeland native who was raised on a small family farm until age 14. He was on the football and baseball team at Lakeland High School and went to college on baseball and academic scholarships. He graduated with a BA from Eckerd college in St Petersburg, FL with a degree in International Business and a minor in Spanish. After graduating from LSU veterinary school in 2004, Dr. Chris started working at Care Animal Clinic, where he gained hands on experience and education from his father (Dr. James Carrier DVM). Although his mentor has retired, his work ethic and practice principles are still carried on through his son.

Dr. Chris and his wife, Wendy, have three children who share human animal bond with their 6 dogs and 1 cat.

Dr. Chris has a special interest in helping pets age gracefully and managing the chronic cases of “ain’t doing right”. His keen interest in problem solving is the driving force for some of his choice therapeutics. Veterinary medicine is a service industry, it is not always puppy and kitten kisses. The service of veterinary opinion, treatment, and prognosis should be open, direct, and achievable.


  • Members of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association
  • The American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Ridge Veterinary Medical Association
  • Members of AAHA


  • Members of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association
  • The American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Ridge Veterinary Medical Association
  • GST Greyhounds Rescue


From left to right as you know us: Kiara, Gracie, Kristen and April


We can’t do without these ladies!


care ac kristin speedyKristen has been with Care Animal Clinic since December 2004. She was hired as a kennel technician and quickly excelled to front desk and Veterinarian technician. She now helps manage business inside the clinic, has become lead technician which keeps her busy behind the scenes. She enjoys both behind the scenes and face to face with clients and their fur babies. Her compassion for animals has increased tremendously over her years in the Veterinary business. She has grown within the business and acts as a familiar face for our returning clients. Here is Kristen with Speedy. Please visit our Facebook page to follow the amazing story of Speedy’s medical condition, surgeries, and the love this little guy inspires. Kristen, her husband, and two children are dog lovers of every breed.  They currently provide love and care for two female Beagles, Squirt and Mavis Louise. They also have a new love for their backyard flock of seven chickens. In the past they provided foster care for a Bull Mastiff, Oakey, who quickly turned into their “forever” pet. “I remind myself daily that each and every day is a great day to help animals!”

care april bioApril, CVT, born and raised in Lakeland, FL, has been employed by Care Animal Clinic since 2007. While employed she attended Hillsborough Community College and graduated from their intense CVT program in 2012. She has been a Certified Veterinary Technician since January 2013. “At a young age I was deeply ingrained with an admiration and passion for nature and wildlife. Through my life experiences both professional and personal, I have been exposed to many different species of animals. Over the years I’ve gained the confidence and skills needed to perform this often demanding but greatly rewarding job. I enjoy helping animals, educating pet owners, and hugging cute puppies! I have 8 dogs! 3 Pekingese that require intense amount of grooming and upkeep. 5 purebred English Pointers who are not only my pets but my life long partners afield. We work together and I depend on them greatly. I try to approach everyday with a can do attitude and a smile on my face. In this job I feel that I have a purpose greater than myself and I hope to make a positive difference in the lives of many pets and owners!”


Grace was hired on as our kennel technician, ensuring all of our patients or visitors receive the care, affection and treatment they need during their stay. Born and raised in Florida, she found her vocation in pet care in a conversation with her mother. “I have always loved being around animals, but never considered pet care as a career until one day in 2013 my mother suggested that I apply at a local clinic for Kennel Tech and I have been doing it ever since. This is truly my calling. I love going to work every day. My husband and I have 2 furry babies of our own that mean the world to me. A 6 year old Chihuahua/Min Pin mix and a 1 year old Red Nose Pit/Boxer mix. I enjoy working at Care Animal Clinic and trust that our awesome crew can make your experience a pleasant         one.” Grace has recently been promoted to a Technician position and is training   to strive in the position.






Kiara was hired on as our newest member of the team early November. 2016. Kiara is and will be your first contact in our clinic as the receptionist. Like any other receptionist, a veterinary receptionist has to be able to handle basic duties such as answering phones, opening mail, and managing rudimentary office functions… These tasks include greeting customers, answering telephone calls and setting appointments. Kiara shares about her love for animals below:

“Hi everyone! My name is Kiara. I am the newest edition to this wonderful family here at Care Animal Clinic. With me at the front desk, my goal is to make your experience, from beginning to end, as joyous yet simple as possible. I am one part of a big family who lives with and loves all and any fur babies. My family and I have been rescuing dogs and cats that have been attacked, abandoned by their previous owners, and even from dog fighting rings. Currently I have 2 dogs named Fiona and Eugene Fitz Herbert. Fiona is a hound mix that was rescued by my Aunt, who is a Vet tech, when Fiona was thrown out of a moving car at just a few weeks old. The moment we looked into her eyes, we just knew that she was going to be one of our forever fur babies. Eugene Fitz Herbert was named by my 3 year old, god-daughter; he is a brindle Pitbull with one eye that we rescued after his previous owners abandoned him after they realized his eye had to be surgically removed due to a dog attack incident. My love for animals grows each & every day here at Care Animal Clinic; I am excited for what the future holds for me here.”


Our staff will amaze you when you see how loving they are.

We will handle any concerns you may have about the health of your animal as if it was our own.

Our staff is trained to assist the veterinarian in recognizing problems quickly and accurately.  Let us show you how we have earned the reputation we have built in the community.

So next time your furry friend is feeling down call us or stop in so we can get them feeling better right away.