Bravecto feline topical flea prevention!

Bravecto feline topical flea prevention!

Bravecto is a topical flea prevention that lasts up to 3 months. This new medication is changing the lives of flea allergic pets in households where fleas have become a rampant problem. It is easy to use. Being a topical prevention, it is applied in liquid form to the neck and shoulder blades where the hair of the pet has been parted. Re-application is not needed for three months, so there is less chance for a lapse in flea protection.

Why is a 3 month time frame important?

The average flea life cycle can vary in length, as a flea pupa will stay in a dormant stage waiting for the right environment to hatch, giving a 30 day flea prevention will only kill live adult fleas present, not the other stages that will hatch out after 30 days. If re-application is missed even for a few days, fleas have had time to feed and lay eggs, beginning the process again. Thus, with a three month flea prevention, we hope to break the cycle.

No prevention is prefect, it’s a three step approach?

Remember fleas are like an iceberg the live fleas are like the tip you can see, the real problem lurks below the surface. We only see 1/8 of the problem, often times flea allergic pets are the only ones showing signs, but they may not be the source. All animals in the home must be treated including, dogs and cats┬áthat don’t seem impacted. As we already discussed eggs and other immature stages of fleas, live in the environment. Treating your pet with out treating their environment both indoors and outdoors is like mopping the floors with out sweeping or vacuuming. Treating the environment can have a huge impact on the quality of life your pets experience.

We have a whole list of treatments as well as organic options for both indoors and outdoors.

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