Pet Safe Christmas

 Here are some tips to make sure your pet’s holiday season is a safe one.


  • Secure your tree, both fake and real trees can be heavy and cause a lot of damage if knocked over
  • If you have a real tree keep your pets out of the tree water, sometimes chemicals will leach into the water. Cats seem to be attracted to this water. Avoid using glass or precious ornaments; if these are a must make sure they are placed higher on the tree, or are well secured and will not easily fall off.
  • Keep extension cords hidden and tucked away
  • Consider using pet safe ornaments, these can be equally elaborate made from felt or soft ornaments or hand made cardboard or dough ornaments.
  • Avoid putting out candy even on the tree, candy popcorn, and ginger bread men will make your pets more interested in your tree and may lead to stomach upset or worse if ingested.
  • Avoid using ribbons, twine, and tinsel when wrapping or decorating these can cause major issues if ingested, A good alternative idea is to consider replacing them with colorful strips or cardboard or paper, this may give a similar effect while preventing a costly and dangerous problem.
  • Do not use artificial snow as it is toxic to pets , if you want the snowy look consider cotton or paper as an alternative.
  • Avoid live plants as mistletoe, poinsettias, holly and pine can be toxic causing issues if ingested.
  • To prevent pets from unwrapping gifts and ruining the big surprise keep around baby gate in place when unable to monitor pets around the tree

Most importantly enjoy your holiday with your friends, family, and fur-kids!



We Care for your pets!

The holidays are a busy time for everyone! There are many chores and last minute preparations to make to ensure your family has the perfect Christmas! Sometimes that includes a pet sitter or boarding facility! For more information on simplifying the process click this link!   Remember Care Animal Clinic Boards pets! Dogs are $20.00 a day and Cats are only $5.00 a day. Pets must be current on all vaccinations and have an exam without veterinarian (exam fee: $ 45.00). You must bring your pets food to receive these discounted boarding prices!

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