Pet shampoo truth and tips!


Shampoo seems to be marketed to treat every condition for your pet including shedding, itching, dandruff, and  oily or dry skin. People feel like it’s as important as what you feed your pet. Shampoo should not be used in place of medication to treat any serious issues. Veterinarians may use prescription shampoos in conjunction with medications and other treatments to help improve certain conditions.


So what shampoo should we used on a healthy normal coat?


What we look for in a shampoo is 3 things. The shampoo you choose should be considered canine or pet shampoo, human shampoos and even dawn are too stripping for normal dog coats. Do not use these except in an extreme emergency. It should clean your pet while leaving no residue and leave the coat soft and shiny.  It should be a non-irritating and pleasing scent, take into account any humans or pets with allergies may need to use fragrance free. If you feel like your pet’s coat is flaky consider adding fish oils to it’s diet rather than using different types of shampoo. You can fix the problem from the inside out, by creating a healthy skin layer.


How often should I bathe my pet?

Bathe your pet no more than is necessary, a normal routine for bathing is every 2-4 weeks as needed and doing other maintenance such as ear cleaning and nail trims. Care Animal Clinic helps you maintain your pet’s coat by offering ½ priced bath specials every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We can use shampoo of your choosing or from our own stock. We also trim nails, clean ears, express anal sacs, brush and blow dry your pet. To have your pet receive our complete pampered experience all included with the bath price, call today!

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