Treating fleas: the 3 step approach

Treating fleas: the 3 step approach


This 3 step approach is tried and true, it has been used by many of our clients.

Lets learn some quick flea facts

  • 1 in 3 pets may develop a flea allergy in their lifetime
  • The most common flea is Ctenocephalides felis, known as “the cat flea”(even for dogs this is the pesky ectoparasite we are fighting)
  • Fleas can lay up to 50 eggs per day
  • A flea has 4 life stages, egg, larvae, pupae, adult
  • A pupae is a dormant cocoon state and can stay like this for up 3 months
  • Adult fleas only make up 10 % of the infestation
  • Fleas can sense vibrations and carbon dioxide that your pets put off to find them
  • Just because your pet has fleas doesn’t mean you will be bitten, fleas prefer pets to humans.
  • Certain Tapeworms are caused by fleas!!!

Now that we know some basic information about fleas we understand how flea infestations can easily spiral out of control.

Our approach is simple:

 Step 1 Treat all of the animals in the household with a reliable prevention that best fits their lifestyle.

Step 2 Treat your pet’s indoor environment using a pet safe product

Step 3 Treat your pet’s outdoor environment.

If maintained, this approach is very effective. Treatment often requires 3 months or more of continuous treatment as the pupae stage can survive up to 3 months in a dormant state. Some of our products are organic and oral, while others require topical applications. Our best selling in home flea spray is safe for pets when dry and can inhibit growth and kill fleas for up to 7 months. Call today to discuss a better flea regimen that works for your pet!




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