Understanding your pet’s pain!

Understanding your pet’s pain!



Unfortunately our pet’s speak differently than humans and often it is their natural instinct to hide their pain. In the wild weak or injured animals often fall victim to predators. Often times all you will see is a subtle limp, maybe a hop while running, eventually your pet may slow down, and it becomes harder  for him/her to navigate getting up and down, even walking outside to go potty. The gradual effects of multiple factors including weight, structural soundness may cause your pet to develop arthritis over time.  This is not a one size fits all scenario.

Can we use pain medications?

Do not use over the counter human pain medications! Human medications are not tolerated by the pets intestinal tract and can cause major issues including death. We have very well tolerated arthritis medications made for dogs and cats specifically designed to treat their pain with out causing damage. Based on your pets’ issues we have multiple medications for the doctor to prescribe to make your pet as comfortable as possible. Our newest canine arthritis medication is called Gallaprant, we are very excited to begin using this product and have high hopes for its success.

What therapies do you offer?

We offer alternative therapies that can be used in conjunction with medication or sometimes as stand alone procedures. Our 2 main arthritis therapies are called PRP (platlet rich plasma therapy) and Cold laser therapy. PRP takes your pets own blood and is spun down to extract the anti-inflammatory and healing factors. This is then injected directly into the affected joints, to produce a more lasting pain relief with out side effects. Cold laser is less invasive but a similar idea. The laser works like a super charged hot pack, drawing blood and healing factors to the areas needed. The cold laser treats inflammation and pain, increases bone and wound healing, and helps reduce infection.

Can’t I just use joint supplements?

If your pet has already developed arthritis, joint supplements will not reverse the damage already present, but they may help maintain your pets current state and prevent the worsening of the condition. Normally joint supplements alone are not enough to treat arthritic pain. They can definitely help!

If your have a large breed dog you may consider putting them on joint supplements while still young to help prevent future problems. As well keeping your pets at their ideal body weight will decrease wear on their joints. Contact us today for more info. on these medications or treatments and nutritional consultation.


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