10 Reasons to fix your pet!

  1. It makes your pet less likely to run away! Hormones will drive a pet to find a mate, roam and may lead to them escaping.
  2. It prevents you female cats from being in heat continuosly! Female cats are induced ovulators meaning they will not ovulate or complete their heat cycle completely until bred or spayed.
  3. It makes pets more mannered! A spraying cat or a urine marking dog is often driven by sex hormones.
  4. Can reduce aggression! Whether to other pets or even to people it has been known to help reduce aggression.
  5. No more doggie diapers! Female dogs that are in heat can produce quite a mess!
  6. Pets that are fixed attract less stray animals! A female that is in heat will attract intact males that will do just about anything to be around her.
  7. Spaying a female dog will reduce the chance of mammary cancer!
  8. Neutering a male dog can completely eliminate the chance of prostatic issues!
  9. Preventing pyometra(infection of the uterus)! Ask anyone who has needed an emergency spay; it is not cheap and pyometra can be life threatening.
  10. Neuter prevents testicular cancer!

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