10 reasons to spay and neuter your pet!

10 reasons to spay and neuter your pet!

reasons to spay your dog

  1.  Your pet will no longer go into to heat.
  2.  It is less likely that stray males will be roaming around your home.
  3.  You will not have to put diaper on your dog or worry about them having bloody discharge in your home.
  4. Pets that are spayed are less likely to develop mammary(breast) cancer.
  5. Pets that are spayed cannot have a pyometra (pyometra- is a life-threatening condition in which the uterus becomes infected or filled with infection)
  6. Pets can not a litter of puppies/kittens, so no chance of unexpected or accidental pregnancy
  7. Your pet won’t ever need a c-section, whether a planned litter or not;  a c-section can be a nightmare for pet owners, as it is both stressful and expensive and the puppies and mother are at higher risk.
  8. False pregnancy is impossible, during false pregnancy females will lactate, nest, and produce pregnancy like signs when they are not pregnant.
  9. Your pet will require slightly less calories per day, which means a cheaper food bill.
  10. Your pet will live a longer, healthier life!

10 reasons to neuter your dog!

  1. If done earlier your dog is less likely to urine mark.
  2. Your pet is less likely to hump toys, couch cushions, pillows, and blankets.
  3. Your pet is less likely to be territorial or aggressive to other males.
  4. It reduces the instinctual need for pets to roam and find a mate or in heat female who may be near. Also reducing the chance of losing your pet overall.
  5. Neutering prevents testicular cancers and issues.
  6. Neutering reduces prostate issues and prevent new prostate issues. As well as preventing prostate cancer.
  7. A male dog who is fixed is less likely to get a perianal hernia, this happens when the muscles in the pelvic floor between the scrotum and anus become weakened.
  8. Reduced costs of food, as neutered pets require slightly less calories
  9. Making sure both testicles are taken and the pet is not a cryptorchid. Cryptorchids have 1 testicle that is undescended. Meaning that one testicle is still in the abdomen and almost always becomes cancerous, causing an emergency need to remove it later in life.
  10. Longer healthier life!

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