Boarding tips

We all need a vacation every once in a while, sometimes we are lucky enough to take our fur babies with us other times they have to stay at home causing us to worry while we would normally be having fun. Care Animal Clinic offers 5 dollar cat boarding and 20 dollar canine boarding per day call today to discuss boarding your pets!

Here are some tips!

  • Decide what you want out of your pet sitter or boarding facility, depending on your pets’ schedules, routine, level of anxiety and of course your budget. If you are going to use a professional pet sitter, doggy daycare, or boarding kennel, ask about their policies and procedures regarding emergencies etc.( a great plus for pets boarding with us is that they are regularly observed by our veterinarian)
  • Plan ahead pack blankets, toys, food and medications! If your pet is on a strict diet pre-pack meals in Ziploc baggies, always pack extra meals and medications for 1-2 extra days in the event of travel related emergencies.
  • Write down your pets routine in advanced! Most facilities will have a boarding form for you to fill out, and it may seem like an easy routine, often times in the heat of the moment owners forget to write something important, so have a pre-written time line for medications, feeding( type of food, where to buy it, how much, and how often to feed), medication instructions, and walking. Also it’s a good idea to write down any quirks, specific commands, and issues your pet may be having.
  • Make sure to write down Contacts. Write down as many contacts as possible including phone numbers and emails. Leave contacts other than yourself such as your pets’ grandparent, in the event of an emergency. If going out of the country and unable to contact by phone also include email addresses.
  • Note any issues! Unless you want a phone call about your pets itching, limping, etc. Make a notation that you know it is happening and it is or is not a concern.
  • Make sure your pet has identification, such as microchip and external ID. Often times your pet will not be allowed to where a collar when in a kennel type situation, for safety purposes. I know one client who writes her phone numbers on her white dogs with sharpie, because her pets are escape artists.

Most importantly find and use someone you trust so that you can have a safe worry free vacation!

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