Choose us for your pets’ next ear problem!

Choose us for your pets’ next ear problem!

Ear issues are all about diagnosing and treating the correct issue! Ear issues can be caused by a number of things including, allergies, ear mites, and even structural problems. Sometimes the pet has a primary or secondary infection, identifying the type of infection will make a big difference in how we treat the issue.

Digital otoscope w/ flat screen display

Our otoscope is a camera we put in your pets ear canal that is hooked up to a flat screen tv! It magnifies your pets’ ear canals so we can see any potential issues, debris, etc.

This is a unique experience that many of our clients love!

Staining machine

Often times if your pet has debris our doctor will take a sample for cytology. The sample is then placed onto a clean slide and that is placed in our stain machine. This machine allows us to have a more consistent stain than hand dipping slides and allows for easier diagnosing of infection.

Microscope with flat screen display

This is our specific microscope only used for cytologic readings, the sample will be displayed on a flat screen so the doctor and staff can easily identify and find the type of infection, even showing the pet owner the issue.  This allows us to choose the best medication based on type of infection, and dispense the most specific ear medications to treat your pets issue.


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