Contagious Pet FLU!

The Canine flu has made the news multiple times in the last month sending pet owners into a quasi- panic and causing them to race to their veterinarian for the flu vaccine. The canine flu or more specifically the H3N2 Flu has been around since 2015.

The H3N2 is easily transferred and most contagious before they begin showing signs. Most often the H3N2 is found in shelters, pets stores, and kennels, these dogs are often exposed during a time of stress and have low native immunity. The H3N2 flu is known to have a low mortality rate when treated and recovery of affected dogs often takes 2-3 weeks with supportive therapies and medications provided by a veterinarians.

Some groomers or trainers may require vaccination before entering their facilities. More importantly, the H3N2 vaccine is not a forcefield that prevents your pet from getting the flu. This vaccination acts as a cushion, its reducesĀ the effects of the sickness and reduces of the illness the duration in the event of contraction of the Flu.

The vaccine should only be given to healthy dogs 8 weeks or older. Owners of dogs who are immune-comprised, weak, or sick should discuss the vaccine at length with their veterinarian. For some at risk pets, this vaccine is a wonderful option to prevent possibleĀ illness, for other pets and owners it may be unnecessary.

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