Dental Don’ts!

#5 Dental treats and/or foods will fix dental disease.

This is false! Most dental foods and treats are designed to reduce tartar and plaque present and prevent further worsening, but if dental disease is already present only medical intervention will preserve the teeth. Then starting fresh ,using dental treats following procedures will likely help maintain the pets oral health.


#4 Bad breath means dental disease!

Bad breath can be a sign of dental disease but not always! Certain conditions and issues can cause bad or foul breath. Also some pets ingest foul smelling items or lick things that smell bad causing halitosis.


#3 I should brush my dogs teeth at least once a week.

While brushing your pets’ teeth can not hurt unless you are accidently bitten in the process, it is likely not effective unless you are committed to doing every day, like our dentists recommend. Routine dental cleanings are necessary (even for people who brush their teeth 1-3 times daily).


#2 Non- sedative dental cleanings are a “good” alternative.

While it may seem like a good idea, it has potential to cause many issues. The inner surfaces and rear teeth are not being evaluated or addressed properly. In fact, AAHA guidelines and regulations now state “that cleaning a companion animal’s teeth with out general anesthesia is considered unacceptable and below the standard of care”.


#1 My dogs teeth are bad but, they do not affect him! He eats fine!

While your pets’ dental disease may not immediately affect their eating habits or seem to cause any issues on the outside. Bacteria  can cause infection, and help damage tissue in the mouth. Then these bacteria can enter the bloodstream causing systemic damage. Long term this can lead to changes in the heart, liver and kidneys.

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