Drop off appointments!

What is a Drop off appointment?

You drop your pet off, fill in the concerns form or list of issues, during his/her visit we perform an exam or services such as bathing and you may pick your pet up after it is ready before closing the same day. Drop off appointments should be scheduled in advanced and are only available to current clients!

How to make dropping off your pet easier in the morning!

Make a list of issues with detailed description of what you want done! Have all your contact phone numbers and information ready!

When can you expect your pet to be done?

Normally pets are evaluated and triaged as needed into our scheduling before noon, we will normally give you call in regards to your pets’ pick up time unless we have previously agreed upon a time. Some services will take longer for example our baths on Tuesday and Thursday are normally ready to go home by 3 pm. Pets not being picked up the same day will likely be charged for overnight boarding.

Medications, after care and any special instructions will be explained at the time of pick up. In some special cases we may call and have you commit to a certain pick up time so that our doctor will be available for brief summary consultation!

We hope you choose us for your pet’s vet!

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