Easter Safety Tips!


  • Avoid Easter grass- brilliant plastic Easter grasses are attractive to pets and can cause intestinal issues if ingested, they can end up in the yard when Easter egg hunting or around the house. INSTEAD consider using vibrant shredded paper or stuffing with tissue paper that is doll-haired with scissors to look like grass..
  • Store chocolate, sugar free items, and Easter baskets away from pets! We understand wanting children to wake up and find out the “Easter bunny came” , but our pets often love to investigate these interesting items. Not only did you spend money on those items they can be hazardous to your pets. Stuffed animals and toys can make it look like the Easter bunny exploded. Candies can end up causing intestinal issues. Any of these items can cause and emergency vet visit. INSTEAD- store in a closet  or uncommon place and place out before the kids wake up or create a scavenger hunt.
  • Easter lilies and other plants can be toxic so avoid live plants in the house! Monitor pets outside!
  • Avoid table scraps! These can cause stomach upset as well, keep treats such as carrots available for pets so family and friends are not tempted.
  • Don’t forget where your hide eggs, both real and fake eggs can cause stomach upset if ingested. Count your eggs before and after the hunt!


  • Keep Identification on your pets in large groups with people going in and out it can be possible for a pet to slip out the door.
  • Remember large crowds can make pets nervous, if your pets seem nervous remove them from the crowd and give them space!

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