Fish oils!

Fish oils have made headlines and are widely used as a helpful supplement in human medicine. Though not as widely known fish oils can have amazing benefits for pets as well. It starts with the omega 3 Fatty acids. One of the omega 3 fatty acids called EPA acts a natural anti-inflammatory reducing inflammation throughout the body. The areas affected include the heart, kidneys, brain, joints and skin.

These Anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce arthritis and preserve the joints, as well as reducing pain. In pets with skin allergies, fish oils reduce itching, and shedding. Fish oils also promote a healthier shiny fur(hair)!

Not all pets tolerate fish oils so if your pet has food allergies or a sensitive stomach discuss fish oils with your veterinarian (and consider alternatives). Fish oils are available in multiple forms, but most common forms are liquid and gelatin capsules. They can be applied directly to the meal or the gelatin capsule can be frozen and given in a snack, so your pet has less of a fish breath smell.

Fish oil should be protected from light, heat and air, and stored in the refrigerator.

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