Halloween Safety for Pets!


– Sugar free candies can be extremely toxic, sometimes worse than chocolate! Chocolate and other candies should not be given to pets. Any kind of new food can cause GI upset so try to stick with the food and treats your pets are used to!

– Halloween costumes, accessories, and decorations (even ones designed for pets) can cause major problems if ingested.

– Always keep pets leashed around people in costumes, certain costumes can even frighten a dog and make it want to run away. If your pet seems worried or stressed remove him from the situation. Put them in a quiet safe place such as a kennel.

– Always keep identification on your pet in case of an emergency!

-Halloween decorations can cause major issues, pets can become tangled in loose cords, ingest them, be frightened by them.

– fake fog of any kind should be kept away from pets dry ice can burn paws and if ingested in large quantities can cause serious issues.


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