Halloween Safety and Pets!


 Halloween safety tips.

  • Keep the candy bucket away from the pets!
    • Chocolate and sugar free candy can be toxic and cause life-threatening issues
    • Regular candy, while not as toxic, can cause GI upset with signs such as vomiting and diarrhea
    • Wrappers are almost as dangerous as the candy, make sure all candy wrappers are picked up and thrown in a secure garbage can
  • Glow sticks are beautiful and provide added safety- but can cause issues when chewed on by pets, do not place sticks on your pets or leave them lying around
  • Candles produce that amazing pumpkin smell, but be careful. Open flames and pets do not mix, even after the flame is extinguished hot wax is still dangerous
  • Plug-ins are the second source of scent and these scented oils are heated via electric outlet, never place them where cats can rub on them
  • Home made candy is amazing but requires cooling time. Keep pets away from counter/oven surfaces because cooling candy can cause severe burns
  • Keep cats indoors around Halloween; while not common, pranks on cats ,mainly black ones happen more often this time of year
  • Don’t leave dogs outside alone on Halloween, children may feed them candy or be equally as excited to frighten them with scary costumes
  • During trick or treating times, keep pets away from doors that may be opened often.
  • Pet costumes are adorable, but make sure they don’t impair movement, vision or breathing, do not leave pets in costumes unattended as they may ingest part of their costume or become caught on something
  • Pets that are trick or treating should always be on a leash and removed from stressful situations like too many children, if needed.


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