Hurricane prep with pets!

Disasters can be heartbreaking for pet owners, during storms pets are more likely to run away, during evacuations people may be forced to leave them and some never see them again. We want to avoid this heartbreaking scenario and help you be better prepared for your pet.

Make a kit for your pet in an easy to grab bag or container!


In this kit

-all your pets’ current vaccine records

– extra collars and leashes for all pets

– extra ID for each pet as you pet will be in a new place and be frightened

– have at least 14 days of any medications that are needed daily, if your pet has thunderstorm anxiety make sure you have extra doses of anxiety medications to get you through at least 3 days

– extra bowls for each pet

-toys, blanket, etc..

– non perishable food such as canned food for a pinch


Other things you need

-A carrier or crate for each pet, many people have 3-4 cats and just 1 carrier, in the event of an emergency evacuation, it will be hard to take multiple cats in 1 carrier, a shelter type situation may require pets to be crated

– have a plan both local and out of state- think about using storm shelters, boarding facilities and hotels, depending on what pets your own and what care they require you may have to board large dogs as hotels may not except them

– keep your pets shots up to date for the above reasons

– Make sure your pet has identification on them, if your pet is microchipped make sure the information is correct.

We hope your hurricane season goes well, we plan for the worst case scenario and hope for the best! If your pet needs up dated shots or medications call Care Animal Clinic today!


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