Interactive toys

What makes these toys so great?

There are many new and exciting new dog/cat toys available. These toys greatly reduce boredom and destructive behaviors by distracting pets. They help encourage exercise of the most important muscle in the body, the brain. These types of toys provide stimulating exercises that make the animal think, filling the animals instinctual urges of hunting and scavenging.


What types of toys are available?


  1. Treat dispensing toys- these are often puzzle like balls or weighted wobblers, that you can load with any snacks or treats you want. These are also a great alternative to slow feed bowls for extremely food motivated pets.
  2. Puzzles- these also use treats or toys, that are highly valuable to the pet, but these may require more repetition or training to help the pet understand how to get the prize.
  3. Sensory toys- these provide touch, sound, and visual stimulation. Often these toys excite the chase/pounce/capture factor. These toys usually require batteries, to make annoying noises which many pets love. These toys may need to be taken away at bed time so they do not wake you.
  4. Fetch toys- there are automatic fetch toys available for the pet who just loves to chase balls, while training them to load the balls can be difficult, it sure beats throwing out an arm.
  5. Apps- while this isn’t strictly a pet toy there are some very funny stimulating apps you can download for smaller pets such as cats. While it is not ideal for destructive animals to be playing with your cell phone or tablet, it is still fun to watch.

Most importantly mix it up keep things new and fresh so your pet is always thinking. Try different brands, styles, mechanical treat toys can be altered with tape so that it is harder for treats to come out. Keep your pets happy and entertained!

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