Kitten Care Basics


This article is designed to be informative regarding kittens over the age of 8 weeks, kitten care under the aged of 8 weeks should be performed under the instruction and supervision of trained professionals.

What do I need to care for a kitten?

Kitten food (normally you will continue using the food given to you at the time of adoption)

Food and Water dishes

Litterbox and cat litter( ask what the kitten has been using previously and get something similar)

A hard plastic carrier( the carrier that open in the top are best, if on a budget we have had people use a locking plastic storage bin with holes in it and the plus is it is see through)

Nail trimmers( small animal nail trimmers or guillotine style)

bedding, toys, and scratching toys such as cardboard


Feeding your kitten!

By 8 weeks old kittens should be weaned and no longer nursing it’s mother that means the kitten should be eating dry kitten food, specially formulated for kitten growth. Some kittens that are not completely weaned may require their dry food softened with water. Do not feed kittens regular milk, after weaning pets can become lactose intolerant and regular milk is not formulated for kitten digestive tracts.

Where to keep a kitten?

Kittens should not be left to roam the whole house, confining them will help with litter box training, safety and monitoring. Keeping the kitten in a kitten proof room is best, no exposed cords tight spaces, drapes to climb on etc.

Litter box training.

Most kittens instinctually bury their stool, having an appropriate sized litter box that is easy for the kitten to get in and out of is a must. Keeping the litter box clean of fecal and urine matter helps to keep the kitten from trying out other places. If your kitten seems hesitant or has accidents placing their stool in the litter box and cleaning with a urine odor eliminator will help the kitten understand where they should go.

Socialize your kitten while young, always reward good behavior!

Pet and interact with kittens frequently, but do not allow them to play with your hands. If they want to play, make sure their attention is directed to toys and avoid toys that make your hands targets. Begin grooming, nail trims, and brushing at a young age and make it a fun experience offering treats. Introduce new kittens to different types of toys, noises, flooring etc. This will allow kittens to be more confident when older in different environments. Give them things to excite their minds. Kittens can make a toy out of anything including boxes.

Vet care is important!

Adopting a good relationship with you vet is important, finding someone who is informative, down to earth, personable is going to lead to a better longterm relationship with your veterinarian. Schedule an appointment early. Availability can be a concern Care Animal Clinic can normally fit appointments in same day, we always leave a spot open for emergencies. Getting a kitten plan will help streamline the vaccination process and take your mind off financial worries so that you can focus on the most important aspects of the visit, your kitten’s health. Whether discussing diet, learning to trim nails, or just discussing routine vaccinations, our focus will be on your kitten and not your cash.

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