NEW Kitten Plan EXTRA!

Begins at 8 weeks of age includes:



    • Initial exam
    • FIV/FELV test
    • Up to 3 FVRCP vaccines
    • Up to 2 Feleuk vaccines
    • Rabies vaccine and certificate
    • 2 fecal exams
    • Flea prevention (1st dose )
    • Deworming (not tapeworms) 2x if needed
    • Spay or Neuter at 6 months of age (includes pre surgical blood work, spay or neuter, antibiotic injection, pain injection and Elizabethan collar)
  • How is our neuter/spay different? We do pre-anesthetic bloodwork, to make sedation as safe as possible. We monitor the pet throughout the surgery using pulse oximeter and other devices. We used injectable pain medication so your pet doesn’t have to take oral medication. 

All of this for the low price of : 288.00

Plan must be paid in full on initial visit or made in two parts .

  • No refunds, no transfers, does not apply to litters.
  • Illness’ not covered for example:
  • Coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, limping, not eating, lethargy, coccidia, tape worming, UTI

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