Mosquito’s bite pets’ too!

Mosquito’s bite pets’ too!

Contact your veterinarian if you feel your pet is already having any reaction from mosquito bites.

Here is a list of tips-

  • Never use any human mosquito spray or lotion on a pet, pets will often groomed themselves and lick it off
  • Never use dog medication on a cat, some dog medications can not be tolerated by our feline friends, and can be very toxic
  • Avoid taking your pet out during dawn/dusk hours
  • Avoid shady, or swampy areas, mosquitos breed and live around water
  •  Dump any sitting water daily- including outdoor dog bowls
  • Pet mosquito repellants are available but read and follow instructions carefully
  • Give your dog heartworm prevention year- round Mosquitos are present in Florida almost all year and the temperatures rarely gets low enough to kill them; even dogs that are mostly indoors can be infected if not taking routine preventative.

We can work together as a team for the healthcare of your pet, to choose a heartworm prevention that best fits your budget and dogs’ lifestyle.


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