Noise Phobia and Scared pets!

Noise Phobia and Scared pets!

It is a parent’s natural instinct to caudal and comfort their scared child, and the same goes when our fur children become frightened. Often playing into your pets fear and rewarding him with treats praise and attention will lead to more intense behavior. We all know the feeling of ignoring your pet and would never want to purposely ignore them, but sometimes this helps improve the condition.

A storm day is the same as every other day, try to keep your pet on the same routine minus walking in a thunder storm or around loud fireworks.

If your pet is still wild and fearful put him in a safe place where he can not harm himself, cause damage or hurt anyone, such as a kennel. Sometimes playing music or turning on the tv, will be enough to interrupt their behavior. A well trained dog should respond to sit/stay commands to help them calm. There are other ways people try to calm their pets such as the thunder jacket, which is a very tight, compressive, heavy coat designed to make the dog feel protected. Of course if your pet becomes more unruly and begins to injure themselves we have medications available to calm them, though most medications take about an hour to work which means pet owners need to pay close attention to the weather and holiday excitement.

No matter the solution, the most important thing is to keep your pet safe and comfortable during this time of year when storms occur almost daily  and we have numerous holidays, which fireworks are involved.

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