Parasite Control

– Identify the parasite with the help of your veterinarian. Discussing the parasites life cycle and possibility of re-occurrence in your pet, setting strategic deworming protocols with your doctor based on the pet’s parasite, lifestyle, and exposure pattern are a good start.

– Sometimes this is as simple as once monthly prevention with dewormer included for all animals in the household.
– Limiting your pets exposure by keeping your pet away from high traffic areas or in your own yard may necessary.
– Adopt better sanitation habits by removing fecal matter immediately. This will reduce the chance of parasites entering the soil and cut down on re-infestation!
– Reduce the amount of stray animals in your yard by building fences etc.
– Visit your Veterinarian, often to have your pet checked for intestinal parasites! We offer a stool check for strategic parasite control! For more information or to have your pet checked call Care Animal Clinic at 863-617-7737.



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