Prevent heartworms for six months with one shot!

Prevent heartworms for six months with one shot!

What are the benefits?

Ease of use – 2 doses a year given by the vet in an injectable form means there is no more begging your pet to take pills with in a snack

Protection– your pet is protected for a full 6 mths with no lapse no more concerns about vomiting or spitting it out.

Not Oral– No more concerns about vomiting or spitting it out.

Number of doses– Your pet is now receiving 2 doses per year instead of 12.

Schedule Friendly– there is no more fighting over who was supposed to give the dog its heartworm prevention, simply make an appointment.

Build a relationship– You and your vet can build a better relationship through twice a year visits.

Reminders– we send you reminders 1 month in advance so it is much harder to forget your pet’s nest dose.

How long will Proheart 6 take  to give to my pet?

The actual injection takes less than 10 seconds, we will take your pet’s weight and vitals prior to giving each dose. After the first dose we will monitor the pet for 20 minutes to make sure they are tolerating the medication. Any following Proheart injections will not require the 20 minute monitoring period.

Why does proheart last 6 months?

Its not the ingredients, but the packaging. The active ingredients in proheart are contained in slowly dissolving microspheres, that are stored in your pet’s fat, the medication is then released slowly over 6 months time.

What dogs are ideal for Proheart?

A healthy dog over 6 months of age, with a normal body condition.

Call today to discuss whether Proheart 6 is right for your pet.

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