Routine yearly pet care: Know what you are paying for!

Routine yearly pet care: Know what you are paying for!


We care for dogs and cats throughout all life stages, from neonates to seniors. Routine yearly wellness appointments are important for life stages. Yearly appointments consist of an exam, stool check, age dependent bloodwork panels and vaccines as needed per pets’ unique lifestyle requirements. When pets are over 8 years old, we recommend twice yearly wellness visits to monitor changes bloodwork parameters and the pet more closely with a focus on early detection of disease or issues.

This article will explain our clinics practices and procedures during a yearly examination in a step by step approach.

History and TPR

The first thing we will do is collect a history. This is our client’s time to tell us about any concerns that the doctor should be made aware of  whether they are big or small we ask that you don’t hesitate to bring your concerns to our attention. We will then take your pet’s weight and temperature, from there more vitals are collected before we begin collecting samples.



Every year, for every pet, no matter the age we will collect a small portion of feces to check for intestinal parasites. Owners are always welcome and encouraged to bring the stool sample as long as it has been collected with in 24 hours of the appointment time. For each canine patient, under the age of three years our trained technicians will draw a small amount of blood for an in-house heartworm test. For both canine and feline patients over the 3 years of age, we like to do more extensive bloodwork that includes a complete cell blood count, chemistry panel, and a heartworm test(canines only). Keep in mind this bloodwork creates a healthy baseline in case your pet becomes ill, helps us detect changes early, and begin treating issues before they become more severe.

Nail trim

Our standard procedure is to trim nails at every “vet visit” at no extra charge. If your pets nails are too short, or your pet becomes too upset, stressed, and/or anxious they may not be done  at the discretion of our doctor and staff. If you would not like your pet’s nails trimmed for any reason please notify the receptionist and/or staff prior to beginning the appointment.


You may notice our standard procedure is to handle and lift your pet onto an exam table, of course you may pet and comfort your fur baby. As a staff, it is our duty to help animals and ensure no harm may come to them or us during a 12 body system examination.


We operate on a modified 3 year protocol with the legally required Rabies. We administer two injections Rabies that lasts one year each. Then give a 3 year rabies vaccination that needs to be boostered every 3 years for life. Other canine vaccinations such as:Distemper/Parvo/Hepatitis/Parainfluenza  and Bordetella or “kennel cough” vaccine may require boosters yearly depending on your pet’s lifestyle and exposure. Dogs that are groomed or go to boarding facilities may even require Bordetella every 6 months based on the facilities requirements. We give feline vaccinations such as Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis/Calici/Panleukopenia and Feline Leukemia  similarly based on your pet’s lifestyle and exposure.

12 body system exam

The exam is equally as valuable to your pet as the routine bloodwork and vaccinations. This is not the most expensive part of the yearly though maybe it should be. The doctor checks your pets eyes, teeth, ears, heart, lungs, abdomen, legs and joints, as well as looking at the skin coat, feet, and paying special attention to any problem areas.  The exam can be extensive because our patients can not tell us when something is wrong. An examination by a professional is worth so much and can help identify issues. An exam coupled with the history and information you gave us allows us as a team to be proactive; such as preventing arthritis and joint disease, or even see if a strange bump is any cause to worry.

Have your pets’ next yearly done at Care Animal Clinic!

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