Teaching your cat not to fear their travel kennel!

Teaching your cat not to fear their travel kennel!

Most people store their travel kennels out of sight and only pull them out when it is time to go to the vet’s office. Keeping your cats travel kennel visible and available to them makes it less scary and less intimidating when you must travel with them. Encourage your cat to spend time in the crate by adding a comfy blanket or bed, treats, toys etc. Try placing your cats food dish close to the crate moving closer every day, eventually the goal is to move the food dish inside the crate. Feeding your cat in the crate is a great way to portion food or feed special/restricted diets as well. We even have one client who moves the kennel 1 inch closer to the food bowl each day.

For overachievers training your cat to go in the crate on command is possible, but just like with any training, repetition is the most important factor, using a short amount of time each day is better than spending a lot of time once a week. Focus on making this a good experience so if you become frustrated try again the next day.

If your cat is still impossible to place in the kennel or you don’t have time to recondition your cat, consider alternatives such as a crate that opens on the top with a blanket placed over it hiding it, then lower the cat down into the blanket and the crate. For more tips or help contact us.

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