Thanksgiving Foods to avoid


Bones- while it seems like the most natural thing in the world turkey bones especially can be brittle after cooking and splinter. When swallowed bones can create a big problem that requiring surgical removal.

Turkey and gravy, buttery foods etc.- highly fatty foods can cause intestinal upset that can even lead to pancreatitis.

Raw Foods- such as meats and eggs- should be avoided as they can contain bacteria such as salmonella.

Sugar free foods- some artificial sweeteners can be toxic to pets, so a good rule of thumb is to avoid any sugar free foods

Onions- or onion powder- they can be toxic to pet’s cause red blood cell changes and potentially other issues

Grapes and raisins- are also toxic and can cause kidney issues

Chocolate and Alcohol- can be toxic to pets.

Pet friendly ideas- raw canned pumpkin puree, raw baby carrots, raw green beans, roasted/ boiled sweet potato with no skin and no spices.

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