Training your pet to “Hold”!

Training your pet to “Hold”!

The “hold” command is for training a dog to hold a toy or item without dropping it for a period. Likely this command should be paired with a release command such as “drop or let go” that your pet may already know from routine games of fetch etc.  This command can make taking cute picture a breeze, it can also make an oral examination at the vets office easier. This command does take time and practice to master and can be frustrating.


  • Using a pliable or floppy item/toy may be best at first then moving to a bigger more solid item after the dog has a feel for the trick.
  • Getting the pet to nose, lick, and eventually grasp the item but not chew it’s the eventually goal so encourage this behavior.
  • Using rolled paper is an alternative to using a toy
  • Clicker training is preferred to treat method for this trick , (the pet will let go of the toy/item to receive the treat, which is not what we want them to do)
  • The hardest part of this trick is teaching your pet to hold for an extended time and not dropping until instructed to do so.

Once learned this trick creates endless opportunities!

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