What services do you offer?

At Care Animal Clinic we strive to provide a unique and valuable customer experience that makes you and your pet feel informed and knowledgeable. We are a small staffed, family run business where individual customer care and your pets are our number one priority. We provide care for canine and feline patients. We do yearly checkups where we have the latest in digital otoscope technology that allows you to look at your pets ears alongside the doctor, and routine preventative surgery such as spay, neuter, dental cleanings. Our trained technicians take x-rays, collect samples, and run diagnostics quickly and efficiently. We are equipped with in house blood analyzers for quick results in the event of an emergency. We are equipped with a double surgical suite, surgical laser, and monitoring technology, to make even an emergency surgery as safe as possible. We offer alternative pain therapies, including PRP and cold laser. We help you keep you pet not only feeling their best but, looking their best by offering nail trims, and bathing services. We board pets so you can leave your pet with someone you trust. We offer senor citizen, military, law enforcement, educator discounts we even have feline specials, to help reduce costs.

What keeps our clients coming back?

Is the personal experience, in our fast paced world it is nice to slow down and be treated well, spoken to as an equal, and have a staff that will go the extra mile to make your experience a good one! Team up with Care Animal Clinic where we make your pet our priority!

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